Kim Polland

Hello My name is Kim Polland I am a Blogger, Welcome to my page!!!!  I am a very vibrant, cheerful, and a happy person. I am currently a Registered Nurse that’s putting my Master’s Degree on hold right now while God directs my footsteps . When I am done and the time is ready I will continue on with my Family Nurse Practitioner degree. I blog to inspire others, to relieve stress that they & I may be going thru with fibromyalgia. Inspirational writing can change the mood of anyone and brighten up your day, so I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you. Also I am a Author of  the book ” I Never Thought It Could Have Happened”.  I am so grateful, happy, blessed, and full of other emotions. Most of all I give all the credit where it is due; my Lord Jesus Christ all honor and glory belongs to him. So visit my blog frequently and leave comments and share your stories. Have a blessed day.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

Keep on Bogging………

  1. Thanks for being transparent, your willness to share will help others.

  2. Keep blogging

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