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imageThings in life can be up in the air, then again things could be poison. Poison is another form of jealously found deep in the heart of a person. Deep hearted and intertwined within a families history. Pain, aches, mental disease, muscle fatigue, sorry, grief, and fear of the unknown and for WHAT!!!! We are here to LOVE, LEARN, CHERISH, RESPECT, and live our lives to the fullest without the poison that one places in their children. A child should be able to grow up in an environment free of poisons. Think of that tasteless, odorless carbon dioxide, silent, but it will kill you dead!!!! One more thing to add to that poison is that nasty “F” word Fibromyalgia. It can be the most nastiest tasting word (if it had a taste) one could ever tasted before. We can not let these and other tasteless, hurtful, vindictive, shameful, jealous and ridiculous poisons interfere with our life.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!

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“I Read & Wonder”

Isn’t it strange how we get so happy how we read something, feeling so much joy infusing throughout our body. It feels so invigorating to know that we can look to something better other than pain, other than the occasional headache, body aches, and inability to walk. Just by reading taking in the what if’s, the oh my God, and could that really happen to someone like me, us, we, or them. Because of the way reading makes me feel I will never quit. It makes me focuses on what’s good not the bad fight going on within me. Loving me and having a serenity moment is just what I need and I will take it whenever I can get it. So I suggest to all that have to deal with Fibromyalgia let reading be apart of your life, it can transform you, your feelings, and your well-being as a whole. Grab a drink of Image choice, get your favorite blanket, find that favorite spot on the couch, bed…..ready…….set……   Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!! Keep Blogging…………..

“Closer To One More Goal”

  • ImageHave you ever had a goal that made you think to yourself; it looked darn good on you. Well this is one of those Goals, it makes me look and feel amazing. I have come to a place in my life that I will not live without any regrets, I will always try to be a leaders in mychildren’s  and grandchild eyes. Keeping Faith & Beliefs strong, taking a look at how this illness( Fibromyalgia) Changes and distort the body’s image starting with the mind, body,soul,& family. Lets not let this happen rejuvenate our mind and our all around soul. There will be so many people, place , and things that will try and get in your way but you just have to keep God as the first and number one focus thing I’m your mind. Keeping that in mind he will help you get through all your goals no matter how long or far fetch they may seem. I am so thankfulD,for all my goals that I have been accomplishing in such a short time. God is Blessing. But remember when God is blessing your friends, this means your blessings is coming also  and vice versa . We’ll go today find a goal and challenge yourself but stay within the limits of your comforts. I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU ABOUT YOUR GOAL AND IF YOU HAD FUN DOING IT; wait to see the fruits of your labour. 
  • Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!! 
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“Stronger & Stronger”

It’s funny how we think that we have to be strong. I am so happy and bless to know that I have a husband that doesn’t expect me to be strong all the time, he knows that I want to be, just to be there for him and the children; it’s the instinct of a mom and wife. He’s strong enough for us both through our good times with fibromyalgia and bad times. I know some might say good times what you mean; I mean good as it may get, considering the everyday pain you live with. STRONG is my story with my husband and God by my side and OH don’t forget the kids they make me STRONGER. Stronger & Stronger is my story and I am sticking to it!!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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I won’t complain, I can’t complain, I shall not complain, about today. Today the sun is shining like the brightest star in the sky, the air is crisp for the month of April. The bones carry me along as my limp will have it on the left side, but I don’t let it bother me. As the sunshine shines brighter and brighter more and more people scurry about their way, looking like busy working ants. The sun shining on my face putting a pep in my step and like always thankfulness to the one who created me. I won’t complain, I can’t complain, I shall not complain.

God Bless!!!!!

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Some of us feel like we need to go through life pretending who we are just to fit in. Feeling like we need to disguised what we are; so the pain that we are going through doesn’t show and we will not be judge. Pretending like it doesn’t hurt, pretending like we can laugh our way through the guilt we feel when we can’t attend certain functions with our families & friends. Why pretend? There are many of things out there that need no false pretense too and your happiness shouldn’t be one of them. So let’s kick the pain, salute the sorrow away, ditch the today is not a good day for me attitude and LIVE. No more PRETENDING!!!!!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!

God Bless!!!!

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“Push Thru It”

How many times have you heard a person say “Push thru it”? I know too many times!!!! That’s how life is each day, you may wake up take that nice long, hard, stretch just to find that every muscle, every bone, basically everything hurts like heck on you. You feel like you’re doing a rodeo song of my head, shoulder, knees, and toes. Pointing out all the areas begging for relief, there is no time for quitting you must “Push thru it”. You must put on a happy face and began with your day and on this particular day things will go your way. People are counting on you or will I say a person, a very special person a daughter, your daughter she will be expecting you to be there for her to share her day. That means there is no room for Fibromyalgia and its cohorts. So as I will “Push thru it” I will be there to see my beautiful daughter “Push thru it” as well; running the one hundred meter and doing the long jump. You go girl mama is proud of you for helping me “Push thru it” so that I could be there to see you “Push thru it” as well; and you did beautifully.


Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!


God Bless.

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“Loving Me” Original Posted on 4/14/14

Did you know that the most spiritual people on earth are poor? They say if God trusted you with money then he would give you some ….if that was the case God must really loved and trusted the mafia? Nothing has the same value, Jesus didn’t even treat all people the same i.e. Are you going to cook breakfast for your neighbors husband/wife? These are things that you might catch some folks saying. Well I hope I made you laugh a little because when I first I heard them I was giggly as could be. Welcome everyone to me….yes me, I am “Loving me” and there is nothing any one can do about it!!!! It’s 2 o’clock in the morning the best time to do any type of writing and I just have been loving everything about what has been going on mentally and physically; however aches and pains do not take a day off. Since aches and pains don’t take a day off I have to push them aside to Love Me and everything that is going on about me, around me, too me and my family. It seems that the STRUGGLE that was so very evident and real has left the arena of erratic pulsation to an somewhat steady pulse where I can say I “LOVE ME” for who I am, what I stand for, what I write for, what I love for, what I cry for, what I laugh for, what I hug for. I am “LOVING ME”. I am loving how God has been blessing not only my family, but he’s been blessing my friends also. God is so Amazing, Awesome, Astounding, & Astonishing, to say the least; God is Good he reigns on the just as well as the unjust and for this he shows us his Grace & Mercy. Well we have come to another fine ending of “Loving Me” and the Good works God is doing in many people’s lives. Blog with you next time. “LOVING ME”.


God Bless!!!!!
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Take a Leap of Faith!!!!!

It’s always nice to feel the fresh, crisp, cool, air upon your face; but yet at the same time the humidity is making it warmer than it seems. The day is upon you, the day that is filled with lots of laughter, kids in their brightest, new fresh colors. The lines are long as can be, the anticipation is killing everyone, the room in the mind of every individual is different, however on this day it should be the same; for this is the day we are giving another chance to redeem ourselves. As you stand at the top of the mouth we shall have no fear, as we prepare our-self at the top of the mouth we visualize ourselves taking the leap, as we sit on the slide where the leap shall happen. All the adrenaline is here and now…….one …….two……three…….push off……..and down we go!!!!! Taking that leap of faith has made it all worth it what a JOYFUL TIME!!!!!! Being able to enjoy the greater things in life while God lets you while you still have your health.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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“I’m Up I’m Up”…..Original posted on 3/26/14

Open your eyes and do that daily stretch that feels like it will kill you; but it won’t it just feels like it. Am Up, am up, am up is what I tell my body, come on body respond; there’s no response except the stretch Houston we have a problem. It would be another two hours before the body responds to Houston’s demands. Okay let’s see what we shall do first; get up perhaps laughing out loud to only myself. Wow the conversations in my head are nice and clear maybe I need to just stay here permanently. The furniture is nice, up-to-date & contemporary. The kitchen is updated; stainless steel appliances of course wouldn’t have it any other way, granite counter tops with an island.  The master bedroom is fit for a Queen “hint hint” meanwhile back to the story; the on suite bath is awesome I shall give no more details I’ve given enough I tell myself and we both agree. You may be asking “we”. Well sure I am up only in the mind of make believe; I didn’t feel like getting up when I was told, so my head told my arms to get up, and my arms told my torso, and my torso tried to reach my legs, after conversing with them all, we decided to take our medications and stay in bed because today was one of those days. Fibromyalgia did rear its ugly head but I was the winner in the end; I got up much, much, much, later to greet my beautiful daughter and handsome husband as they enter my bedroom.

God Bless and keep on Blogging….."I'm up, I'm up"

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