Step-by-step…… Original posted on 3/23/14

That’s how you progress through the day, step-by-step. Every little thing you do you have to stop and take a break. It makes you feel like your following directions to baking a cake; first rise and shine second sit on the side of the bed without falling out of the bed three take your morning medications. Next if you have any energy left proceed to the bathroom to perform your activities of daily livings. At some point of time you have to come back to your room and rest on your bed because you are extremely fatigued and in so much pain all over, talk about a rough start. Say your morning prayer while you are lying in bed praying and wishing the pain would go away or maybe wishing you would go away altogether. As you lie there so many thoughts go through your head, so many unsettling things, so you have to fight threw all of this to be the person everyone expects you to be. Living the life with fibromyalgia is a step-by-step process that I have yet to conquer to be continue…..

God Bless!!!!

Keep Blogging…..


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