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Inspiration……Original posted on 3/25/14

Who would have thought that inspiration comes at 2o’clock in the morning? Well I would like to share an INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY that I took at 2am last night. There was this program on television Dr. Mike Murdock to be exact; he spoke about every problem in your life is a simple wisdom problem. Also your pain births your goals, pain means that your blessings are coming, pain is your pulpit meaning (the pain that you go through the issues, trials and tribulations that you go through you will be able to stand up one day and testify how God has brought you out from the pain from the trials etc). Your goal chooses your mentors. God uses mistakes, God uses mentors. Mentor are never satisfied where you are, mentors are corrective (meaning they help push you to do your best and be the best at knowing God and his word). Your self-portrait determines your attitude-some sinners are happier than Christians because they see greatness in themselves & Christians don’t. Favor determines rewards. Faith is voice activated (speak things into existence). Bring a seed to sow wrapped in expectation. Expectation is what you grow. God will never ask you for something you don’t have; he will ask you for something you want to keep. “The instructions you follow determine the future you create”.
All of what I have shared with you has been the inspirational blessing from Dr. Mike Murdock. It has been a spiritual feeding to my soul. I hope that it will in some how reach out and touch someone’s life in a great magnatitude. Remember to always come back and be inspired. God Bless and keep blogging……


Patience……Orginial posted 3/24/14

Patience is certain a virtue and I recommend the following…..                                                    Kim's phone photo 059

Applepie hot and fresh.

Blue beaches in the Bahamas.

Christ in your Life.

Dancing with your husband and children.

Eating all the cake your heart desire.

Fishing with dad and great grandmother.

Giving to the less fortunate.

Hide-n-seek allday long.

Ice cream for desert.

Jump-n-jacks as a child.

Kisses from your kids.

Loving family.

Moonlit nights.



Painless days.

Quiet time.

Rain drops.

Smiles to brighten someones day.

Timeless moments with the ones you love.

Uniqueness in others.

Victory in Jesus.

Wanting more out of life.

Xray thats how one can see their life; clear maybe cloudy but full of uncertainties.

Yoga is out of the question.

Zealous whenever possible.

Lets not let FIBROMYALGIA  have the LAST WORD, I Wont……..

God Bless and Keep on Blogging.

Step-by-step…… Original posted on 3/23/14

That’s how you progress through the day, step-by-step. Every little thing you do you have to stop and take a break. It makes you feel like your following directions to baking a cake; first rise and shine second sit on the side of the bed without falling out of the bed three take your morning medications. Next if you have any energy left proceed to the bathroom to perform your activities of daily livings. At some point of time you have to come back to your room and rest on your bed because you are extremely fatigued and in so much pain all over, talk about a rough start. Say your morning prayer while you are lying in bed praying and wishing the pain would go away or maybe wishing you would go away altogether. As you lie there so many thoughts go through your head, so many unsettling things, so you have to fight threw all of this to be the person everyone expects you to be. Living the life with fibromyalgia is a step-by-step process that I have yet to conquer to be continue…..

God Bless!!!!

Keep Blogging…..


Today was a little rough the same as usually, some days worse than others pain in the morning but at least I did awake to see a beautiful day. I have to do things in segments. I feel like when I say this it seems like am a T.V anchor women, but I’m not just a young female living, coping, with Fibromyalgia. It seems like for me it takes the breathe out of me whenever I try to do anything, when I try to walk, try to go to the bathroom, and try to take a shower. I am feeling like I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I am not afraid of hard work, loving life, loving God, my family, and friends. Fibromyalgia has not beat me, and will not beat me!!!!!




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