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Unspoken Words of the Mind

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Looking into the small cafe lounge on the corner, the lights are dim. The air is cool and fresh outside as we scurried inside the cafe foyer.  The aroma of baked goods, teas, and coffee fills the atmosphere inside. The crowd was nice and large, but one couldn’t help to notice the unruly patrons in the corner. You can expect that where ever you go someone will be acting out, wanting to be seen and heard when they ought not. But back to business, the acts were somewhat interesting. They were brave to one show up, two prepare themselves mentally to be ignored, talked over or both. But most of all have the guts to get on the stage and bare it all. Showing to the world that they have thoughts, feelings, emotions, and UNSPOKEN WORDS that needed to be shared. The performers shared with the crowd songs in English, Poetic Words thru Poetry, and songs performed in the Russian Language. Along with the somewhat GREAT MUSIC; the TEA WAS AWESOME……OH DID I SAY THE TEA WAS AWESOME!!!!!! Some say a picture is a thousand words, well last night the songs and words that were spoken and the ones that weren’t spoken were a thousand words also!!!!!!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!

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National Day Of Prayer

Many want to run and shun from the word or mention of prayer. Today was dedicated to be a day set aside for any in America as the National Day of Prayer; one could set their differences aside and join in prayer. Congregations could pray within their four walls, many we’re encourage to pray outside the four walls of church so that many could see that prayer does change and will change things. Also elected officials were gathered outside the county executive building. Different parishes, and religion were gather holding hands for the leaders of our city, towns, and county ready to go…….one…..two…..three……and there it was the sound of the shofar let the praying begin!!!!!!!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!

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