Pain Why Are You Here??????

Why do you come unannounced? Not even a knock on the door or a phone call, don’t you know I have things to do today; pain why are you here? I am sure no one sent for you, no one requested your presence, no one invited you to the party so I ask you again; pain why are you here? Lurking in the dark, around corners, in my bed touching my legs, arms, back, and head causing different types of pain, so I ask you; pain why are you here?

You wrap your touch around my feet and legs and you don’t let go, I feel the pounding and sharp pain that shoot through my muscles; you have no shame pain why are you here? Don’t you know my knees need to carry me and hold me up, so why do you try to cut me down? Don’t worry I am prepared for the one that comes in the night to rob,steal,and kill I will not be defeated.

One may say there’s a monkey on my back, but I say it’s pain and I want it off. Why stay where someone doesn’t want you, get the hint, get out, leave, just let me ask you pain why are you here? You take my back and places it in knots, you provoke stiffness and awkward walking on me. The throbbing that you place upon me is redicilous, stop it, I feel you I know you are here, are you trying to get attention?

My arms can’t wave you away, I barely can get them up. They are sore, heavy, tired yes tired, and swollen. The wrist feels like they are getting twisted constantly by you, why pain? My fingers looks like little sausages ready for the pickings. And since you have started at the feet, you have to end at the head of course. Last but not least you, yes you pain creates a wind storm of a headache everyday why? Pain why are you here? I have acknowledged that you are here weather I want you here or not, so Why are you here?

This is PAIN and I am present to make you more humble, to make you aware that you are human I am pain and I am here to allow you to count your blessings that you can feel pain, that you can talk,that you can walk, eat, run, hug someone, and even use the bathroom by yourself. So think of the pain that I afflict on you, that it will make you a better person. For I am Pain and I would love to go away!!!!!!’ So stop complaining there are people worst off out there in the universe that has it worse off than I have so, I will stop bothering PAIN and start PRAYING Greetings!!!!more for others that may need my prayer. So for now am going to raise my hand stand to my feet and escort PAIN  right out the door……….Good-Bye Pain!!!!!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!

Keep On Blogging


About kimmipolland

Hello my name is Kim Polland I am a Blogger, I am a very vibrant, cheerful, and a happy person. I am a Registered Nurse I was pursing my Master's Degree when my health started to fail. When I do return to school I will pursuing my Family Nurse Practitioner degree @ USF. I blog to inspire others, to relieve stress of what they may be going thru with fibromyalgia. Inspirational writing can change the mood of anyone and brighten up your day, so I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you. Fibromyalgia Hasn't & Will Not Beat Me!!!!! God Bless!!!!! Keep on Bogging.........

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  1. I have to admit this is what a lot of people need to read this and humble themselves as well. God bless you and may God release you from your illness.

    • Thank you so much for your comment,I write that others will be inspired, so that others will have encouragement in their lives, so that others will know that they are not alone and so that others will know that they are loved. That is why I do it, I hope others will continue to follow me for this is just the beginning of my blogging this year. I will try to inspire others more and reach out more to other than more than ever. I hope more people will leave comments so that I know too that they are being reached. May God Bless You Rich!!!!

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