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A New Day, A New Journey Ahead!!!!!

Some might not know or care about the struggles of a person living with Fibromyalgia or any Myalgia’s of any form. But it is REAL, anyone that is living with this chronic illness can feel alone, down……very down, depression sets way in like an ever lasting abyss. Your aches and pains are yours and only yours to bear, the silent cry out in the deep darkest hours of the night is only for the Lord to hear. But EVERYONE that is living with Fibromyalgia should NOT BE all grouped into the same category. Why must if an answer is not found by the PRACTICING doctor it must be Fibromyalgia??? Is this because they are not looking for any other issues, are they just tired of hearing of the daily complaints of patients like us???? Who knows…..we may never know the REAL REASON until we are long gone from this earth.

My journey has been filled with plenty of up’s and down’s regarding my health. I am EXCITED for my next stage of Life that will hopefully kick fibromyalgia’s butt. I have the most supportive family that a wife, and mom could have. I want to thank my husband and children for embarking on this journey with me to GREATER HEALTH, BETTER LIVING, & CONTINUED FAITH along the way. For ALL that have new journey’s coming your way this year, please embrace them and my hats are off too you!!!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!!

God Bless……

Keep On blogging…….

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