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Ready, Set, Read is the words that comes across my mouth when my arthritic hands began to type these words. Fibromyalgia might have claimed my hands, wrist, knees, neck, spine, and the list could go on and on. Today I conquered Fibromyalgia, it didn’t beat me, it din’t stop me from getting God’s work done (writing) that was through me. Today as like other days I give him the glory.

Please follow Maddison as she and her sister Tracy forms a sisterhood that’s unbreakable.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

Keep on Bogging………




Book Preview

For my eager readers the time has come for you to get a sneak peak at my book preview at the following link

Please feel free to leave your comments, I look forward to reading them. I will keep you posted as to when the exact date of the book release. It will be available on bookstore, pick up your copy there BEFORE it hit the shelf or online.

~Kim Polland

Support, Support, Support

Counting down the weeks until the arrival of my first novel

~I Never Thought It Could Have Happened~

Maddison has many demons that haunt her at night, many questions that she is seeking answers for with her sister in tow. They have a sisterhood bond that is unbreakable no matter what happens in life. Follow Maddison as she battle these demons and family drama.

This fictional novel can be purchased on at a discounted price than my other outlets, but please any way that you can purchase it SUPPORT this great work of art!!!!!

~Kim Polland

Great God-Fearing Friends

Thank you God, you knew exactly what I needed. Thank you God you knew when to give it to me. Thank you God you knew what type of people to send my way. Thank you God for the God-fearing friends that I have in my life that keeps me walking the straight and narrow. Many people don’t understand the meaning of having friends like this in your life, but I do. It makes my life happier when I am going through things , it reminds me that I am not going through it alone; my friends are bearing the tribulation with me. They are not gossiping about my hard times nor the conversations I confined in them. Boy I Love my God-fearing friends, I love the outings, the planning for the next outings that we can’t wait to have together. I Love the fellowship among us. God is Awesome in all of his ways; Thank you Jesus for all of your provisions that you provide for my that comes right on time. THNAK YOU!!!!!



Provisions By God



Relaxation Life’s Too Short

It’s funny how sometimes in life we wonder how we are going to make it through a certain situation in life. Well I am here to share with you how I have asked myself the same question a few times in my life. I have always knew Jesus was my Lord and Savior, but it wasan’t until I really and truly accepted him as an adult that I learn to place my trust in him. He is a Lord that seeks us, that runs after us, that wants us to cry out to him and say that he is our Lord and savior; that Jesus die on the cross, rose three days later, and for what? He did it for our sins and for us to have everlasting life, life more abundantly. Jesus is just waiting for us to cry out to him, place all our worries, cares, and troubles at the altar, he’s an awesome God. Who would not want to serve a God like that?

Let me share with you some of my PROVISIONS that God has done for me on a daily basis: roof over my head, food in the fridge, transportation, happy family, Great God-fearing friends, continual healing (process in the making), Finacial PROVISION, and most of all GOD HAS RELOCATED ME TO AN AREA WHERE I AM DOING GOD’S WILL INSIDE AND OUTSIE OF THE CHURCH WALLS. God is directing my step and I am walking in what he is allowing me to do.

If we allow our self to have the FAITH IN JESUS he will provide the PROVISIONS you need, in the time you need. No matter what you are going thru always place your trust in Jesus, don’t be dismay if something don’t go the way you wanted it to go, for you at that time because maybe God has something better for you lined up down the road later on in life. Walk the Christian Life and you will not go wrong.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

Keep on Bogging………

Book Release Soon

To all my readers that have been waiting patiently for my novel to arrive on the shelves or online; the wait will soon be over. I am HAPPY to announced that as of Friday March 18, 2016, my book went into print, therefore my manager has stated it could be ready and on shelves and online for purchase in as little as four weeks. You can purchase through the following avenues:
Friesenpress bookstore
Ingram Wholesale
Kindle Bookstore
Nook Bookstore
ITunes Bookstore
Google Books and
Kobo Bookstore

There are also other outlets to purchase paperback/hardcover novels once it is available such as the following:
FriesenPress Bookstore
Ingram Wholesale and
Barnes & Noble

I will keep you updated on the EXACT release date. We are so close please don’t leave me now. By supporting a great literally cause, it will change your life.By the way, just a little foreshadowing book two is already in the making!!!

You can follow my updates on my blog, Facebook @ or Twitter @kimmipolland

Thank you,

Kim Polland

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

Keep on Bogging………

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