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My Seasons

imageWhen I think about the seasons that I may go through in life; the thought sometimes seems overwhelming to the average person. After speaking to a good friend of mines today she reminded me once again that God allows us to go through different seasons for a certain period in time in our life. During this season it may be a time where we mourn, a time where we cry, a time where we laugh, and a time where we hunger. We must keep in mind that this is only for a season, no one but God knows how long will this season will last and will the morning will come. She also encourage me that with all the weeping that is done perhaps God is washing away the old and bad making room for the new blessing that he has for me….I accept that; I received that word from her. God work in so many ways and in different ways, by the time the conversation was over it was like the burden of weeping and all the exhaustion that it has caused was lifted. I loved that my life now seems so enriched, to be able to speak with someone that has the same agenda (loving, going after God with every breath they have) as you. I love the season that I am in now, for I know that it is temporary and that the Blessing are on there way and NO MAN will be able to stop what God has set in motion.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Lonely, If there Ever was A word!!

Beauty & BlissLoneliness, what a word, how do you deal with such a word that seems to only forms an idea of hopelessness. While the mind searches for the reasoning of such despair the body curls into this unnatural shape of a circular ball. The facial grimacing gives off the obvious sense of pain, the most excruciating inside pain one could ever imagine. The pain that looms over you after a filthy sexual experience, the type of pain that looms over you after knowing no one loves you, no one cares about you or your worth. The type of loneliness loom that one has when he has choose to reject the one and only Savior Jesus Christ.

Once you have cried the night in its entirety, trying to find the answer to why the loneliness exist, when God has told you he loves you, that he will be there when no one else will be, when all others have turned their backs; he WILL be their. As your cry grows louder and louder you feel more and more hopeless. You think of the lost, and why did God make you lonely by taking away the best things that’s ever happen to you.

Meanwhile as you fall into a slight slumber God deals with each and everyone of us in his own way. While sleeping you can hear the voice of someone speaking to you maybe in a slight whisper, telling you that you are not alone, telling you that you are going to be okay, the ones that you lost are not lost, they are looking down at you proud as they can be. When I take something away it’s only for that season regarding objects. When I take my Saints that’s just what they are my Saints, it belongs to me and they had done their job.

Sadness, Fear, Hopelessness, and other destructive barriers are things that are not of God. So give it all to me the voice says and worry no more, return to your usually happy, carefree, loving, joyful, peaceful state of mind. As you sleep you reluctantly give in and right there at that moment PEACE. The next day you feel energized and ready to go, as if nothing had interfered with your life; funny how God does this isn’t?

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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