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Would Anyone Cared If I Died?

Would Anyone care if I died?

Would anyone blink a eye?

Would anyone comfort the family that’s left behind to pick up the pieces?

Would anyone say she was a great person or will they say she wasn’t?

Would they gossip and say they saw this coming?

Would they say she wasn’t strong enough to get through the trials and tribulations of this world, rather hang on she took things into her own hands?

Would they cast judgement and say right to HELL she goes?

So many people in this world today suffer from depression and pain from many, many reasons. It is up to us as family, friends, adults, children of Christ to be there to comfort, support, listen, visit, call, and just have some kind of contact with an individual. Writing on a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and leaving text messages sometimes are not enough.

When a person is going through a tough time in their life a face to face visit speaks louder than words. It hurts even more to think that you are alone, to think that God, our Father in Heaven has forsaken you, has abandon you in your time of need. I know a person of FAITH believes in the father and that he would NEVER leave you or forsake you.

The trials and tribulations we will go through, are these just to make us stronger? Or are these to separate the weak from the strong. God has a plan and it doesn’t include us taking our own life, taking something that doesn’t belong to us, taking what is his. So I ask you again would anyone cared if I died?

The answer is YES JESUS would, he LOVES ME even if  no one else does. I am his child and he wants the best for me, he will see me through the tough times. Without any test in life I would not have a testimony and with out the mess that I go through in life I would not have a message to share with you. Life is what it is life pain, suffering, hardships, fun, laughter, disappointments, ups, and downs but through it all we will prevail with prayer, trust, faith and above all loving God and yourself.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

Keep on Bogging……




















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