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Are You Multiplying What’s In The Kingdom

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of listening to a guest speaker at my Church Tracey Mitchell. The important thing that stood out from this profound message were “Success is far more difficult than struggle”. She states so many of us are always asking God for more, when you can’t even mange what is already in your hand. Because during your season of struggle the only person that you have to take care of; is you. Your money, your time, your health, your wealth. But when you step into the arena of success you are not just depending on opening the door for yourself ; now you have to open the door for someone else. You have to manage their payroll, you don’t only have to worry about your family, but you have to worry about theirs. So if we are struggling to manage seasons that are not successful then why should we pray for God to enlarge our order if we can’t manage what is in our now.

God is Grace he gives us warm up moments on the side stage, before he ever places us on the main stage. We can always learn from our seasons of dry/struggle/desert because what you learn from those seasons prepare for seasons of increase. “There’s a part of you that wants more but also fears increase. God told Moses to confront what you fear. Industrious  people produce Vision-less people consume.  God is taking your dream and is placing it on steroids.”

God is about to stretch your increase and the devil /enemy will make you look as if your increase is nothing or little and try to little your faith in increase. The purpose of increase in not to give us more, but to advance the Kingdom of God. We get so happy from what we catch from the kingdom but we never make yardage for it. The Lord is teaching us how to be receivers, but then he is going to teach us how to be a MULTIPLIER. Receiving without multiplying equals failure. If we are constantly receiving blessings from the Lord and are not using our blessing, gifts,  to help benefit others then it has been a failure, example of this is Sampson — he didn’t manage himself, he didn’t understand when the holly spirit left him; therefore he was robbed of his strength.

You will never experience increase without conflict. There is something in every battle you should walk away with to bring with you into your next season. Every season you should leave the battle with an upgrade in your arsenal. This is very important for the battle that we fight against the enemy. What you pick up in this season will equip you with something better for the next season. As your anointing increases so will your critics. Tracey states  “I am about to double down on your anointing” as the crowd applaud.

Increase demands you see yourself differently. You can’t suddenly expect to shift into a new season and have no sounds or tremors. Meaning there will always be some bumps in the road when you are making a change to dig deeper and choose God over evil. The enemy does not like this and there will be trials and tribulations, but don’t worry you have a built up arsenal and you are not afraid to use them, you are the head and not the tail. When you step into this new season there are people who will bet against your sustainability of the new you, don’t you worry you know God has you and you will not fail.

Pray that Jesus continue to guide your path and remember are you Multiplying what Jesus have given you or are you just a Receiver?

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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