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Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for Out of Town Guest.

1. Create a guest list:  This helps you to know how many people are coming.

2. Mark the dates of everyone’s arrival on a calendar or planner: Setting reminders on your phone will keep you up to date also.

3. Go shopping for inexpensive gifts: If you’re not certain what a family member may like, gift cards are always a great idea.

4. Check with family   membersHoliday-gift picgift cards 2 of any food allergies: This could ruin any family occasion during the Holiday Season.

5. Prepare the rooms a few days before arrival with a small basket or holiday gift bag that you brought while shopping for inexpensive gifts: Have it filled with welcome home leisure items like; fury socks( for the cold climates), flip flops (for the warm climates), stainless steel flip straw water bottles, cozy blankets, relaxation pillow for that long plane/car ride.

6. Set up every room for each guest with an LED essential oil diffuser: This keeps the room at its zen mood at all times.

7. Make sure you have tried to prepare a little of what everyone likes to eat: You wouldn’t want to leave anyone out this Holiday Season.

8. Make sure you have games or activities planned for your guest as they stay with you: This will steer away the boredom. Board games for the little ones, pool, corn hole, and gun range if they’re open.

9. Make sure every guest room and bathroom is prepared for guest: Toilet paper stocked up, shower gel, deodorant, clean sheets on bed, vacuum, dusted, space in the closet and drawers for their clothing, and lastly empty the trash can because we all know how those can fill up fast.

10. Enjoy your family like it is your last: You never know when you are going to see them again so cherish the time.

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