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Even Your Text Message Is Depressing!!!!!!!!

Have you ever got a text message from someone, and the text message sounded just as depressing as the person sending it? At times that may be the case. A person may send a text message that only says “Hello” and that “Hello” is so depressing. Maybe it’s because you know the person that’s sending it is sad, lonely, a downer, and is always in the dumps…….. Or perhaps you maybe sense it’s just what it is a depressing “Hello”. Does this make you a physic? No, it does not to say the least. Should you be concerned about the person on the other end that’s sending you the text message? Maybe, are they looking for sympathy, are they bored and justed wanted to see how you were truly doing. Bottom line, I dislike gettingimage your one word text message that is filled with guilt, depression, shame, loneliness, and isolation. Please if you want to send me something send cheerful news, happiness, a time we can meet for lunch, a time we can gather for dinner, a time where we can congregate for girls night for movies, bowling, or game night; something other than depression. I have enough depressing things in my life to deal with without taking on yours. I love you whoever you may be, do what I do, turn to who I turn to…….God he can change your situation I promise.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!!!

Keep Blogging!!!!!!!!

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