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New Beginnings!!!!!!

ThereĀ is always a chance that some things in life may not work out for the good; then there are things that may not work out just because it wasn’t meant to be. Some may say it is fate, others may say it’s Gods’ will; we’ll never ever know for sure? Well I myself….and this is just for myself believe in the up most, in the highest of faithfulness when I decided to uproot my family and move to a warmer climate–in hopes that it will have a better effect on my body, mind, spirit, and soul. Was I right? The time is too early to tell, but thus far the climate change has caused things in my body to change from the everyday struggles of pain, day in and day out, every hour; to pain somedays, and fewer hours. One may ask How is the family as a whole? One word can describe them BLESSED!!!!! They are living life without aches & pain, no financial burdens, no worries, yes we all miss our family & friends but, IT’S FOR THE GREATER GOOD. So I ask you again….Are there a such thing as fate, do life just work out for the greater good, or finally is it Gods’ will?

People have a power to endure their struggles with illness, it’s how they conquer it that makes the difference.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!

God Bless You!!!

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Beauty & Bliss

Beauty & Bliss

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