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I Think I Can…I Think I Can….

It’s funny how you can read someone’s else’s blog and be inspired to keep on blogging. It doesn’t really matter what you are blogging about as long as you are letting your fingers do the walking. The sound of your fingers hitting the keyboard, every so often hitting the back space for correction, making sure your words are grammatically correct thank God for the inspiration.

I think I can….I think I can is what am saying tonight to the thought that comes to me as I write here on my blog site. The thoughts that consume me of doing my best and never looking back. Thought that God has made me great in his image, therefore I am beautiful. I tell myself with this beauty I will protect it at all cost, because it doesn’t belong to me, it’s the property of another man’s, a man that is holy, holy, holy; a man that is God. For him I live and for him I die, what an Awesome God we serve or maybe it’s just me serving him all by myself. It’s okay the benefits are just as Awesome as he is if you just keep going.

I think I can…I think I can is what am saying tonight to the thought that comes to me as I read what I have written on my blog. Boy this is some serious stuff, but still consume with thoughts; thoughts of happiness that can never be broken no matter what I might go thru throughout my life, no matter what doors are open or shut, no matter what good days I have or bad days, I will still be ME. I will still be what God has intended me to be, what he has intended me to do, what he has intended me to tell others; about his love.

I KNOW I CAN….I KNOW I CAN do, say, ask, send me and I will go Father God, where your people are in need of help. Where there is no light in a dark place, send me I will go. Ask me and I will do it. Say what your will is and it shall be done Lord. It’s funny how some think we only exist because of the Big Bang Theory, that’s fine if that’s what you believe, I just believe that there is so much more to that AMAZING, AWESOME, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, HOLY, HALLELUJAH & OUTRAGEOUS BANG!!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

Keep on Bogging………

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