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How Well Do You Really Know Someone?


Is it the way they say I love you, that make you think you know him or her? Is it the way that he holds you at night when you are alone, and no one else is around? Maybe it’s the way she makes you breakfast before you rush out the door and before the electrician or pool boy comes in. Or rather he tells you he is in his separate space, because he likes this area as his man cave, but in reality; it’s more than a man cave.

It’s where he goes to escape mentally from you and all the stress that you place on him, the place he goes to unwind and think about what has transpired the night before with a woman that won’t nag; but just satisfy his every need. Or maybe it’s her that says she’s out with her girls but what dubious behavior she displays. Gyrating from one man to the next letting lust fall where it wishes. I ask again, “How well do you really know someone?”

Knowing someone is really a big commitment and with that comes trust, honesty, and loyalty. Let’s say one day for the sake of argument and I have seen this time and time again on so many movies and shows, that trust, loyal, and commitment have been thrown by the wayside due to lust, sex, desire, yearning, and deceitfulness. You think you know one another so well, and then his or her best friend does the unthinkable!!

While you and your significant other is trying your best to get pregnant, your best friend is already pregnant with his first child and you have no clue; and you never will. Your best friend does the unthinkable with the pregnancy, so you don’t every know; just to spare you the humiliation, the insanity, and the abhorrence. Let’s keep this in mind this can go both ways, vice versa, it’s a two-way street here we are talking about knowing each other.

The lies that he tells you that anger you, you should be mad, I would? The way that he tells them, he can’t keep the story straight. The lies change constantly, more frequently than he changes his draws. Yes, what about her? She looks innocent enough, but is she? Of course not, imagine where those lips have been and who they have been on she is just as guilty. So, you see I was once told by a friend of minds a very long time ago, and yes, she was married for over sixty something years and she stated, and I quote “It doesn’t matter how long you have been with someone you will NEVER know ever thing about that person, NEVER.”

She said it and I believe it and I hope you really enjoyed my piece I have just written, because it makes you really think about people and how well you will NEVER know them, and how you will never know everything about that person, even when they say, “I am an open book”. Yeah you say that but, just like a book it to has many interpretations also.

I hope and pray that when that person is found, he or she is great, wonderful, and doesn’t hold back anything. Be that open book with no room for interpretations. Be awesome, be transparent, honest, trustworthy, loving, caring, God fearing, committed, and loyal. I know I have found mines all Glory goes to God.
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Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Traces of You

Traces of you on your birthday, all I have is the memories all I have is emptiness, but God fills it with joy, God fills it with peace, God gives me the strength to see all the loving memories that we had, that we will have in the future. Traces of you is what we had, traces of you is all I see on your birthday, how could this be? We were so close as the sap of a pecan tree. Traces of you on your birthday, I wish I could reach out and say how much I love you. Traces of you on your birthday, I wish I could pick up the phone and say I love you. Traces of you on this day, it’s a bittersweet sadness that God has taken away, he makes me not feel sorry, he makes me not feel sad, he makes me feel happy, he makes me feel the joy that he God can only bring; such a joy to a person’s life, a person choice to distant themself is painful. I wish I had more time, I long for more, I reach out for more, I’ve done all I could but, I only have traces of you on today, on your birthday.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Journey, Path, Road, Let’s Go!!

When some people hear they’ll have to go on a journey to get to the destination they seek, they cringe at the thought. Then you have the ones that welcome the challenge; the challenge to question what journey must they go on and what must be requested of them. Which one are you? Well first, one must know what journey they want to embark on and is it worth the long, exhausting, time away from family, friends and everything that they hold dear.

Next what does this crazy path look like on this journey? Will I have a straight path? Will I have to give up something in order to complete this journey that is set before me? What will it be? The most IMPORTANT question is not what, but why this path and not the other? Will I choose the right path and if I don’t, what will the consequences be? Perhaps I have come to far than I have prepared to go and I want to give up. What should I do? Can I give up?  Are those words in my vocabulary? It shouldn’t be, but there are so many variables in this path. What a crooked path LIFE has woven for us.

Now the road that is traveled to get on that path is one in the same, but in the same matter, it is different. Let me explain, we as human beings can be on a path to construction, but the road to destruction at the same time. Meaning you can be constructing and building a multimillion dollar company, but at the same time deconstructing your life, by not honoring God with your health and giving him your time, energy, and what he deserves; your soul is in danger of becoming lost.

See for many people the journey, path and road is too much for them to see. They can’t, won’t, they refuse, think they they have time, or they are non believers in Christ. People please heed my message here, we do not have time to ignore the message here, nor do we have time to disregard that journey, travel that path, and go down that road to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. SO LET’S GO!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Swimming, Sinking, and Sharks are around me!!!

Today was a rough day, you know one of those days where you just feel like ugh!! You try to work on things that need to get done, however life gives you no energy. You make important calls in hope’s that someone on the other end will answer. You send out important emails, that you hope will be returned.

Today was a rough day, you know the kind that makes you want to take a long soak in your jacuzzi tub. You makes calls to love ones, just to make sure they are still alive and well. You feel like you’re drowning without a life guard around.

You feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You have to be responsible for everything, anything, and anyone that evolves around you. Can life give you a break, is Jesus where you left him.

You left him in your prayer closet, why don’t you bring him out and talk to him. Great idea; Dear Jesus it’s me, your child. I am calling on you for all my needs. I submit to you and give you all I have to give. Dear Jesus I love you, what can I do for you today? You promised not to put more on me than I can bear, and at this moment I have reached my limit.

I can no longer swim, please throw me a life line. While waiting for the life line I will give you thanks, the honor, the glory, and praise because I know you have already handled the situation.

Today is not the day, but Jesus will have his way. You will not sink, you will be saved and to him, shall be the praise. So if you ever feel like a day is not your day, count your blessing, look around, take a deep breath and keep your head off the ground because my God has done everything already when he sent his son to die on the cross for you and I. So cheer up blessings and provisions are on there way.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Fibromyalgia…….What it Means To Me!!!!!













Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!

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HAPPINESS has been here today, yesterday, and the day before. How great is it to have something so great that lingers for so long; knowing that it could be taking away in a blink of an eye. Happiness comes in spirits; take it in as it comes never to deny it. Happiness comes knocking at the door gently so gently like a summer breeze; gusting winds drying the laundry hanging on a clothing line. Happiness is seen when I awake in the morning to see that my family is all well and fine. Happiness is when the day is done and over and everyone has come and gone to and from their destinations safely. Happiness is being able to wrestle with my children in my bed, chase them through the house, play video games, and do all kinds of fun things together making a beautiful memory that’s my HAPPINESS. There will be things in life that will come and try to break, destroy, dismay, trouble, disrupt, and tear-up our HAPPINESS. It is up to you as a person to not let anything get between your happiness, your family happiness, your spouse happiness, your children happiness, and your wife happiness. Happiness presents itself and we have a duty to open ourselves and let it in….. I DID!!!!!

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!
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