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Church Vs Me

Do I expect you to understand my voice? Do you care what the message is trying to convey, or is your eyes only open to the sexual content of what is written on the soft off white pages of my thoughts? Are the thought that I bare from the fictional mind too HOLY for your EYES? Tell me why there has to be a separation between the Church and what is happening to someone, or a family everyday in America. Everyday we live with sexual assaults happening to someone we love if not ourself. Should the church not read about it? Everyday in American it’s a shame to see or hear that unmarried couples are having sex, and married couples stepping out on their partners; yes by the Bible this is a sin….Adultry to be exact. Does the church not want to read about life lessons that can maybe, just maybe help someone get thru a trying time in their life. Also having unlawful sex according to the Bible things can happen like having a child be born, what a wonderful thing to have happen; a child being born. Did you expect to read that we were going to kill the bastard child? No, that would create another sin called murder according to the Bible. Well in respect to all that I have said, yes I am a Christian and I love the Lord Jesus Christ and he leads my path. Don’t be my trial and jury I have Jesus Christ, his Father God, and The Holy Spirit for that. I will continue to do what God has giving me the gift to do, which is reach many to tell them about God, whether it’s thru my writing, praying, speaking, or any avenue God chooses not MAN.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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What does it mean to Hustle?

Having a foundation that begins with God and ends with God.

Having a Vision and wondering if it’s the one for you.

Thinking about how long will it take you to get there, who will be by your side in the darkest times.

What made you want to think that you could do this, should do this, and how dare you do this?

To Hustle, it means that you need to have thick skin for the many, many doors that will be closed in your face.

You must be equipped for the long hours and no sleep.

You think God has left your side because your Hustle is so hard; if he was with you then all the times you hit your knees he wouldn’t let you cry out like he does.

Your Hustle is real, it’s emotional, it’s hard, it’s yours and yours alone.

If I have to Hustle all the way to an Oscars, all the way to Oprah’s book club, and all the way to the Emmy’s, I will Hustle that’s for me and my God to decide.


Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Would Anyone Cared If I Died?

Would Anyone care if I died?

Would anyone blink a eye?

Would anyone comfort the family that’s left behind to pick up the pieces?

Would anyone say she was a great person or will they say she wasn’t?

Would they gossip and say they saw this coming?

Would they say she wasn’t strong enough to get through the trials and tribulations of this world, rather hang on she took things into her own hands?

Would they cast judgement and say right to HELL she goes?

So many people in this world today suffer from depression and pain from many, many reasons. It is up to us as family, friends, adults, children of Christ to be there to comfort, support, listen, visit, call, and just have some kind of contact with an individual. Writing on a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and leaving text messages sometimes are not enough.

When a person is going through a tough time in their life a face to face visit speaks louder than words. It hurts even more to think that you are alone, to think that God, our Father in Heaven has forsaken you, has abandon you in your time of need. I know a person of FAITH believes in the father and that he would NEVER leave you or forsake you.

The trials and tribulations we will go through, are these just to make us stronger? Or are these to separate the weak from the strong. God has a plan and it doesn’t include us taking our own life, taking something that doesn’t belong to us, taking what is his. So I ask you again would anyone cared if I died?

The answer is YES JESUS would, he LOVES ME even if  no one else does. I am his child and he wants the best for me, he will see me through the tough times. Without any test in life I would not have a testimony and with out the mess that I go through in life I would not have a message to share with you. Life is what it is life pain, suffering, hardships, fun, laughter, disappointments, ups, and downs but through it all we will prevail with prayer, trust, faith and above all loving God and yourself.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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My Seasons

imageWhen I think about the seasons that I may go through in life; the thought sometimes seems overwhelming to the average person. After speaking to a good friend of mines today she reminded me once again that God allows us to go through different seasons for a certain period in time in our life. During this season it may be a time where we mourn, a time where we cry, a time where we laugh, and a time where we hunger. We must keep in mind that this is only for a season, no one but God knows how long will this season will last and will the morning will come. She also encourage me that with all the weeping that is done perhaps God is washing away the old and bad making room for the new blessing that he has for me….I accept that; I received that word from her. God work in so many ways and in different ways, by the time the conversation was over it was like the burden of weeping and all the exhaustion that it has caused was lifted. I loved that my life now seems so enriched, to be able to speak with someone that has the same agenda (loving, going after God with every breath they have) as you. I love the season that I am in now, for I know that it is temporary and that the Blessing are on there way and NO MAN will be able to stop what God has set in motion.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Lonely, If there Ever was A word!!

Beauty & BlissLoneliness, what a word, how do you deal with such a word that seems to only forms an idea of hopelessness. While the mind searches for the reasoning of such despair the body curls into this unnatural shape of a circular ball. The facial grimacing gives off the obvious sense of pain, the most excruciating inside pain one could ever imagine. The pain that looms over you after a filthy sexual experience, the type of pain that looms over you after knowing no one loves you, no one cares about you or your worth. The type of loneliness loom that one has when he has choose to reject the one and only Savior Jesus Christ.

Once you have cried the night in its entirety, trying to find the answer to why the loneliness exist, when God has told you he loves you, that he will be there when no one else will be, when all others have turned their backs; he WILL be their. As your cry grows louder and louder you feel more and more hopeless. You think of the lost, and why did God make you lonely by taking away the best things that’s ever happen to you.

Meanwhile as you fall into a slight slumber God deals with each and everyone of us in his own way. While sleeping you can hear the voice of someone speaking to you maybe in a slight whisper, telling you that you are not alone, telling you that you are going to be okay, the ones that you lost are not lost, they are looking down at you proud as they can be. When I take something away it’s only for that season regarding objects. When I take my Saints that’s just what they are my Saints, it belongs to me and they had done their job.

Sadness, Fear, Hopelessness, and other destructive barriers are things that are not of God. So give it all to me the voice says and worry no more, return to your usually happy, carefree, loving, joyful, peaceful state of mind. As you sleep you reluctantly give in and right there at that moment PEACE. The next day you feel energized and ready to go, as if nothing had interfered with your life; funny how God does this isn’t?

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Ready, Set, Read is the words that comes across my mouth when my arthritic hands began to type these words. Fibromyalgia might have claimed my hands, wrist, knees, neck, spine, and the list could go on and on. Today I conquered Fibromyalgia, it didn’t beat me, it din’t stop me from getting God’s work done (writing) that was through me. Today as like other days I give him the glory.

Please follow Maddison as she and her sister Tracy forms a sisterhood that’s unbreakable.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Support, Support, Support

Counting down the weeks until the arrival of my first novel

~I Never Thought It Could Have Happened~

Maddison has many demons that haunt her at night, many questions that she is seeking answers for with her sister in tow. They have a sisterhood bond that is unbreakable no matter what happens in life. Follow Maddison as she battle these demons and family drama.

This fictional novel can be purchased on at a discounted price than my other outlets, but please any way that you can purchase it SUPPORT this great work of art!!!!!

~Kim Polland

Great God-Fearing Friends

Thank you God, you knew exactly what I needed. Thank you God you knew when to give it to me. Thank you God you knew what type of people to send my way. Thank you God for the God-fearing friends that I have in my life that keeps me walking the straight and narrow. Many people don’t understand the meaning of having friends like this in your life, but I do. It makes my life happier when I am going through things , it reminds me that I am not going through it alone; my friends are bearing the tribulation with me. They are not gossiping about my hard times nor the conversations I confined in them. Boy I Love my God-fearing friends, I love the outings, the planning for the next outings that we can’t wait to have together. I Love the fellowship among us. God is Awesome in all of his ways; Thank you Jesus for all of your provisions that you provide for my that comes right on time. THNAK YOU!!!!!



Provisions By God



Relaxation Life’s Too Short

It’s funny how sometimes in life we wonder how we are going to make it through a certain situation in life. Well I am here to share with you how I have asked myself the same question a few times in my life. I have always knew Jesus was my Lord and Savior, but it wasan’t until I really and truly accepted him as an adult that I learn to place my trust in him. He is a Lord that seeks us, that runs after us, that wants us to cry out to him and say that he is our Lord and savior; that Jesus die on the cross, rose three days later, and for what? He did it for our sins and for us to have everlasting life, life more abundantly. Jesus is just waiting for us to cry out to him, place all our worries, cares, and troubles at the altar, he’s an awesome God. Who would not want to serve a God like that?

Let me share with you some of my PROVISIONS that God has done for me on a daily basis: roof over my head, food in the fridge, transportation, happy family, Great God-fearing friends, continual healing (process in the making), Finacial PROVISION, and most of all GOD HAS RELOCATED ME TO AN AREA WHERE I AM DOING GOD’S WILL INSIDE AND OUTSIE OF THE CHURCH WALLS. God is directing my step and I am walking in what he is allowing me to do.

If we allow our self to have the FAITH IN JESUS he will provide the PROVISIONS you need, in the time you need. No matter what you are going thru always place your trust in Jesus, don’t be dismay if something don’t go the way you wanted it to go, for you at that time because maybe God has something better for you lined up down the road later on in life. Walk the Christian Life and you will not go wrong.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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Book Release Soon

To all my readers that have been waiting patiently for my novel to arrive on the shelves or online; the wait will soon be over. I am HAPPY to announced that as of Friday March 18, 2016, my book went into print, therefore my manager has stated it could be ready and on shelves and online for purchase in as little as four weeks. You can purchase through the following avenues:
Friesenpress bookstore
Ingram Wholesale
Kindle Bookstore
Nook Bookstore
ITunes Bookstore
Google Books and
Kobo Bookstore

There are also other outlets to purchase paperback/hardcover novels once it is available such as the following:
FriesenPress Bookstore
Ingram Wholesale and
Barnes & Noble

I will keep you updated on the EXACT release date. We are so close please don’t leave me now. By supporting a great literally cause, it will change your life.By the way, just a little foreshadowing book two is already in the making!!!

You can follow my updates on my blog, Facebook @ or Twitter @kimmipolland

Thank you,

Kim Polland

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

Keep on Bogging………

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