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Does it make what Omarosa says or the evidence she produced, in her book more or less of a creditable person?

omarosa picThe media is having a frenzy over what Omarosa has said and done in the past months since she has been fire from the White House, as the White House staffer. It has been said prior to being fire she glorified Donald Trump, and went as far as to tell the public to even bow down to him. The tables turn as soon as she got fired by John Kelly, the firing was taped without Kelly’s permission by Omarosa. She stated that Donald Trump did not know about her getting fired. She also stated in her book that Donald Trump is racist, even using the N-word to declining mental health. Some say that this is a bold face lie and like many things in her book are lies and that she is not a creditable source. She is being seen as a disgruntled employee that is just trying to get back at her employer.
Omarosa was offered $15,000 a month from the first lady to stay quiet, she declined the offered. One must keep in mind that Omarosa has moved her way up the ladder in the public eye from being on shows such as Big Brother, and The Apprentice. Is this a bold attempt to get back at an employer? Things heard on the tapes does match the quotes in her book, but there is still some fact checking needed. Or is this the truth being uncover now that she can finally say what she has always wanted but couldn’t? Should we congratulate this whistle blower? Or should we not take her seriously, since she blows the way the wind does when it comes down to it?
April Ryan states that “if Omarosa did in fact record from the Situation Room, Oval Room, Roosevelt Room, cells phones are supposed to be in cubby holes.” The question we should be asking ourselves is National Security Protocols being followed? Because phones could very well be hacked per April Ryan.
Oh, my what a perfect web we have weave Omarosa, we have one of your ex-best friend April Ryan who will have her own book out called “Under Fire: Reporting from the front line of the Trump White House” states “I am no longer her friend anymore.” She also calls Omarosa a liar and evil. Can Omarosa come back from this name calling that her ex-best friend has label her as? With Omarosa’s track record of flip flopping in politics from democrat to republican we will see where she lands.

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