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Great God-Fearing Friends

Thank you God, you knew exactly what I needed. Thank you God you knew when to give it to me. Thank you God you knew what type of people to send my way. Thank you God for the God-fearing friends that I have in my life that keeps me walking the straight and narrow. Many people don’t understand the meaning of having friends like this in your life, but I do. It makes my life happier when I am going through things , it reminds me that I am not going through it alone; my friends are bearing the tribulation with me. They are not gossiping about my hard times nor the conversations I confined in them. Boy I Love my God-fearing friends, I love the outings, the planning for the next outings that we can’t wait to have together. I Love the fellowship among us.¬†God is Awesome in all of his ways; Thank you Jesus for all of your provisions that you provide for my that comes right on time. THNAK YOU!!!!!



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