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When I think about joy, I think about the simple things that I was always taught. The simple feeling that made me express that temperament. Joy is felt when a good deed is done, or a feeling of happiness, a feeling of bliss if you will, or jut maybe a period in your life when you feel great pleasure or delight. It’s also when you can feel glad in your life about about something that was, is, or past you over. Sometimes I can think about my parents tell me that joy can be triumph, yes I said triumph the thing that we should have been doing to and over the enemy all these years over our lives because God fights our battles and we need to know that we have Joy because we have triumph over the enemy. Last but not least rejoicing is what we should think about when we think about joy, this is because when we have joy we have got to rejoice and thank the Lord our God for from we came from.

When it’s all done and said the word J.O.Y is not meant to the faint at heart it’s for the believers that have the heart out for God. So here I will share what the real meaning of JOY means as it was told to me. Enjoy!!

JESUS– serve him first, never putting another God or idol before him.

OTHERS– Help others that are in need. If you see a need that needs to be filled, it’s your chance to say hello; God use me to build up your kindgom of God. We are all God’s children and we are all made in his image, and we all fall on hard times. Help someone without casting judgement.

YOURSELF– After you have finished serving Jesus and others. Take time in getting to know yourself, how you can better your spiritual man, how you can take better care of yourself inside and out; by respecting your temple that God has given you. Give yourself the much needed rest and relaxation time that it needs, and most of all love yourself.

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!

God Bless!!!!

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