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Book Release Soon

To all my readers that have been waiting patiently for my novel to arrive on the shelves or online; the wait will soon be over. I am HAPPY to announced that as of Friday March 18, 2016, my book went into print, therefore my manager has stated it could be ready and on shelves and online for purchase in as little as four weeks. You can purchase through the following avenues:
Friesenpress bookstore
Ingram Wholesale
Kindle Bookstore
Nook Bookstore
ITunes Bookstore
Google Books and
Kobo Bookstore

There are also other outlets to purchase paperback/hardcover novels once it is available such as the following:
FriesenPress Bookstore
Ingram Wholesale and
Barnes & Noble

I will keep you updated on the EXACT release date. We are so close please don’t leave me now. By supporting a great literally cause, it will change your life.By the way, just a little foreshadowing book two is already in the making!!!

You can follow my updates on my blog, Facebook @ or Twitter @kimmipolland

Thank you,

Kim Polland

Fibromyalgia Hasn’t & Will Not Beat Me!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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