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Patience……Orginial posted 3/24/14

Patience is certain a virtue and I recommend the following…..                                                    Kim's phone photo 059

Applepie hot and fresh.

Blue beaches in the Bahamas.

Christ in your Life.

Dancing with your husband and children.

Eating all the cake your heart desire.

Fishing with dad and great grandmother.

Giving to the less fortunate.

Hide-n-seek allday long.

Ice cream for desert.

Jump-n-jacks as a child.

Kisses from your kids.

Loving family.

Moonlit nights.



Painless days.

Quiet time.

Rain drops.

Smiles to brighten someones day.

Timeless moments with the ones you love.

Uniqueness in others.

Victory in Jesus.

Wanting more out of life.

Xray thats how one can see their life; clear maybe cloudy but full of uncertainties.

Yoga is out of the question.

Zealous whenever possible.

Lets not let FIBROMYALGIA  have the LAST WORD, I Wont……..

God Bless and Keep on Blogging.

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